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NYCRA's own "COUSIN SAL" BANCHITTA, Retired FDNY FF and Cancer Prevention Advocate for the F.A.C.E.S. (Firefighters Against Cancers and Exposures) "Get Checked NOW!" program often partners with Dr. Robert Bard's clinical research team to explore the latest in diagnostic and therapeutic health innovations.

In August of 2023, Sal joined a group of four men over 50 on an exploratory and clinically monitored study applying PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency) to address BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate gland. According to Yale Medicine, "about 50% of men between the ages of 51 and 60 have BPH, and that number jumps to 70% among men aged 60 to 69 and around 80% of men over 70 years of age".[1]

This exploratory concept was under a collaboration between Dr. Robert Bard (seasoned diagnostic imaging specialist), Russell Allen (executive director of Wellness Now!)" and Dr. Lennard Gettz (research coordinator of IPHA/ Integrative Pain Healers Alliance). In expanded technical collaboration with Mr. Patrick Ziemer (AuraWell PEMF), this panel launched the exploratory concept of employing a non-invasive alternative solution to reduce prostate size as part of improving men's overall health. "Historically, we have observed the growing success of PEMF on a wide variety of physiological disorders... joining the strength of Dr. Bard's imaging capacity to monitor and validate real-time treatment progress, we have united to launch this micro study... that may someday change the face of how prostate disorders may be managed", states Dr. Noelle Cutter, IPHA Senior Medical Editor & clinical research specialist.

Use of ultrasound imaging has been Dr. Bard's "scanner of choice" when it comes to analyzing and diagnosing a wide array of complex health disorders, from cancer tumors to inflammatory disorders. As a beta tester for developers of ultrasound feature upgrades, Dr. Bard has published an expanded set of findings in support of PEMF regenerative benefits.  His latest pilot study provided quantitative evidence about PEMF-induced micro-tissue and vascular reactions, thanks to his creative use of echocardiography. "Over the years, I have gained significant confidence in Pulsed Bioenergy therapeutic innovations", states Dr. Bard. "...through strategic imaging, we can visibly and quantifiably identify the smallest veins dilating and the contractility of the tissue being energized- appearing as pulse vibrations in the form of the undulating surface line of the muscle. This is how we can illustrate the path of ENERGY MEDICINE in real-time action".

Sal Banchitta, one of four volunteers took home the Nova-HD (by AuraWell PEMF) from the Bard Diagnostic Imaging center in NYC. All case studies are instructed to use the PEMF device as directed- applying electromagnetic exposure via the provided PEMF coil for an est. 20 minutes 2x a day. "Aside from the clicking sound of the power source device, what I learned about PEMF is that it's widely known to be painless and has no known side effects", says Mr. Banchitta. "I also learned this technology to offer so much by ways of pain relief and cell regenerative therapy".

Unlike the other participants of the study, Sal was scheduled to go on a coastal road trip for business immediately after his PEMF consult. The clinical panel found this to be an ideal situation to conduct the test from the drivers seat.  "Adult Americans spend a major portion of their lives behind the wheel... proving how to integrate PEMF treatments while driving could be a great way to optimize use of one's travel time", stated Patrick Ziemer.

Because I had a limited amount of time and a tight travel schedule, I chose to take advantage of the situation by bringing the PEMF into my truck- and it was easy! I installed an a 110 AC outlet to plug in the device. Sitting on the PEMF coil is the same here as it is in my recliner chair at home. The coil was soft and absolutely comfortable and it wasn't an impediment to my driving at all. I used it for about an hour each day and I had a lot of hours to kill. 

I have always been a proponent of early detection- especially when it comes to prostate cancer. Four years ago, my annual retirement exam started with a blood test. My primary found my PSA was slightly elevated, so I was then sent to the urologist as standard operating procedure.  Before you know it, I received a report of a "slightly" enlarged prostate which put me into what felt like an automated track to getting a biopsy.  Getting a biopsy without an MRI or any type of imaging made the needle work a complete and painful shot in the dark. Getting poked 12+ times in what felt like complete guesswork was terrible experience. In the end, we found that the biopsy could have been avoided if the PSA reading gave more information, and a more accurate assessment. As a member of a family predisposed to cancer, the stress of waiting for the biopsy, then actually undergoing the procedure thinking I MAY have have cancer or not was completely an unfair ordeal to put anyone through.  

Meanwhile, this is what launched my journey to support prostate health- including why I am now driving with a PEMF coil on my drivers seat!

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Dr. JERRY DREESSEN is both Trauma Team Qualified and Hospital Qualified treating chiropractor in Mountlake Terrace, WA. He is the Executive Director for the Association of PEMF Professionals- the largest professional PEMF organization in the United States. AOPP attracts the most principled and accomplished PEMF user- setting standards by providing certification for all PEMF users, as well as Continuing Education (CEU's) for all members to maintain best practices and techniques. (

The news feature proudly gives thanks to the AOPP (Association of PEMF Professionals) and Patrick Ziemer of Magnawave Inc. and Aura Wellness PEMF for the technical information provided for interviews and unending support to support our clinical study and educational programs about PEMF technology for chronic disorders and supportive testimonials in alternative therapeutics.   


Procedurally, the best way to study an enlarged hyperplastic prostate gland is as a low grade inflammatory process, similar to women with fibrocystic breasts considered to be breast inflammation. This does not need to be treated with antibiotics since this inflammation is often aligned with a chronic disease and requires a long-term treatment protocol. One example of this therapy is using a pulse electromagnetic applicator (PEMF) which can be applied over the groin area or under the pelvis (even in the car seat). For treatment applications, this protocol is recognized to be safe, painless, comfortable, and user-friendly on a long-term basis.  Reducing low grade inflammation can be managed with relatively low energy treatment over an extended yet controlled period of time.  Daily application of energy therapy inducers to the prostate and bladder area has been proven to reduce bladder urge, the need to urinate and improve the urine flow out of the enlarged prostate. It also decreases the chance of incontinence because the bladder that is more easily emptied is less likely to overflow in an uncontrolled manner.  (CLICK to see complete article)

8/8/2023- Ret. FDNY Sal Banchitta signs in to experience his Whole Body MRI from Prenuvo, NYC- a state of the art imaging company founded out of Vancouver, Canada. As one of the founding cancer awareness producers of NYCRA (NY Cancer Resource Alliance0 and F.A.C.E.S. (Firefighters Against Cancers & Exposures), Mr. Banchitta gladly accepted the invitation to receive this complete body scan as part of his pursuits of a base line for future scans and a preventative measure against cancer. "My mission alongside my fellow advocates is to learn about the latest modalities in diagnostics and treatment to bring awareness about cancer resources to the rescue community", says Sal. Prenuvo’s cutting-edge whole-body scans are based on 10+ years of clinical work while curating the biggest data set of whole-body MRI scans in the world. Unlike conventional MRIs, which take hours and often involve contrast injections, Prenuvo scans for 500+ conditions, including most solid tumors which can be detected as early as stage 1, in addition to aneurysms, cysts, and more – all without radiation, in under an hour. (See full article)

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